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Exploration, creation, validation, launch, and assistance — it's an ongoing cycle

I'm a seasoned web designer, boasting over a decade of experience since 2008.

In 2017, I embarked on a journey of guiding design teams in the realms of fintech and B2B product development.

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Aleksandr Matiunin

Designer • Manager • Father

My primary dedication revolves around crafting prototypes and shaping digital products, always with a steadfast commitment to user-centric design

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In recent years

Designer • Manager • Father

Over the course of three years, I assembled a talented team of designers, embarking on a collaborative journey focused on Yandex's B2B ventures. To explore the projects I've contributed to, simply scroll down.

Translation Management System

Designer • Manager • 2022

For seamless collaboration between development teams and translators, the translator's assistant helps people convert texts or dialogues into any language


Translation orders are generated automatically if the element has no translation


Table of elements with translations is arranged in such a way that you can always look at the necessary translations and see their statuses, even if there are too many of them


Header with navigation and an action block are useful details in any project


A completely new interface, which we call YCAT (Yandex Computer Assistance Translator), includes all requests of translators and retains all the values of its predecessor


The search displays both the matching translation and its accuracy, allowing you to either replace the existing text or add it to the current text

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Private area for a trading broker

Designer • 2022

Profile for trading on the exchange, with multi-accounts and detailed study of the sections for depositing and withdrawing funds with the history of all transactions

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Exchange Trading Platform

Designer • 2022

Mobile and desktop application in two themes

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